We strive for the best for our customers, in everything we do. Through our innovative products and our qualitative customer services, we want to respond to our customers’ expectations, offering them the best possible experience in the digital world: access to a Giga speed network with high data volumes, access to qualitative entertainment for consumers and access to performant and secure solutions for businesses.


Amazing Customer Experience (ACE)

Memorable customer experiences


We are committed to offer our customers innovative products and qualitative services. Every day we are in touch with them, at work and at home, ensuring they can enjoy their private and professional life at the fullest, without worrying about their technology infrastructure or their connectivity. Providing our customers with an ideal digital experience is our top priority. 


Telenet ACE program

Positive customer experiences form the foundation for sustainable growth. Through the Amazing Customer Experience program, we monitor and analyze the experiences of our customers. This allows us to quickly identify potential pain points and provide targeted corrections. For the first time in several years, the number of residential customer complaints about Telenet reported by the Ombudsman for Telecommunications increased:

  • 1 file per 2,081 services delivered in 2015
  • 1 file per 2,212 services delivered in 2016* 
  • 1 file per 1,992 services delivered in 2017* 

*consolidated numbers for Telenet and BASE

Fix 2 Go

With the rise of smartphones there is a clear need for a quick repair service. In our BASE shops with a Fix 2 Go corner, we offer a professional repair service for mobile phones and tablets and we also provide associated services, such as mobile phone configurations, data transfers, etc. A repair takes approximately 40 minutes.


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The Digital Acceleration

Telenet Business is closely intertwined with the Belgian entrepreneurial landscape. It is our mission to help local businesses grow.

Nowadays digital applications are essential for sustainable growth. And we want to play our part in this. With ‘The Digital Acceleration’ we want to help SME’s navigate in ‘digital entrepreneurship’. And make them more successful along the way.

Via SME’s can request a visit of one of our 12 independent digital experts. Each expert brings his own expertise: how to advertise on social media, how to set up a webshop, how to generate an e-mailcampaign,… Between the launch and end of June '18, already 1,642 companies got advice from our experts: in total they counselled for 3,284 hours!


Qualitative Customer Care Services

We always strive to be close to our customers and actively guide them towards the best possible experience in the digital world.


Every day our enthusiastic employees are ready to help our customers in a friendly, correct and efficient way and to help them discover the endless possibilities of this digital society. We are proud of ourselves for the warm and good service that we offer our customers.

  • Through various channels - telephone, internet, e-mail and social media - we try to answer our customers’ questions, providing them with extra product information and useful guidance on how to get the most out of our products and services.
  • Through our social media channels we start a real dialogue with them.
  • Through our broad network of Telenet and BASE shops across Belgium, we are literally nearby our customers, offering them best-in-class support and advice.

Telenet Customer Service

Providing high-quality customer care services to our customers is a key priority. We are permanently in touch with them through different channels. Some notable numbers for 2016:

  • Phone calls to customer service and technical help desk are picked up within 120 sec: 78%
  • First Time Right (customer gets optimal help first time he calls) achieves score of 73%
  • The Telenet online customer service reaches 890,000 visits every month while the website reachers 225,863 visits every month. 
  • 78% of customer complaint emails and letters are responded within 48h.


Our social media teams can be reached every working day from 8AM till 10PM and in the weekend from 8:30AM till 6PM even on public holidays (apart from Christmas Day and New Year’s Day).

Net Promoter Score

Customer satisfaction is the KPI to measure the quality of our products and services. Therefore, Telenet asks close to 12,000 customers every month what they think of our products and related services. This Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an objective measure of the customer satisfaction and guides the improvement and optimization of our products and services. We use it as a compass to optimize our services.

Telenet Community

On our story platform SNAP ( the customer will read more about the use of Telenet products and about our entertainment offerings. The online platform Netweters is a platform that helps customers to be fully up to speed with the digital world we live in. Customers can ask questions, share experiences and do suggestions to improve existing products.

BASE Community

And the BASE community is the place for BASE customers to help other BASE customers with their questions, interact with each other, get ideas from each other,…. Customers can rise all kinds of topics: questions about subscriptions, reviews on apps, devices,… 


A trusted relationship

We are committed to a long-lasting trusted relationship with our customers, built on open communications and transparency.

Transparent pricing policy

We strive to transparently show our prices and any other costs both on our websites and in our promotions or advertisements. We communicate one-off costs for activation or installation as clearly as possible. A transparent invoice that clearly lists all details is a must. Learn more about the pricing policy on the respective product websites: Telenet/BASE.

Privacy policy

We attach great importance to the privacy of our customers. We want to inform our customers and users of our services and websites as much as possible about what happens with their data. And we want to give them as much as control as possible. Our updated privacy policy can be found on the respective websites: Telenet / BASE.

Responsible disclosure policy

At Telenet we place great importance on the security of our systems and data. Despite the measures we take to optimize our security, it is nevertheless possible that something will slip through the net. Should you discover a security problem, we have a system in place for you to report it to us in a responsible way. We are happy to have your help to improve our systems and protect our customers even better.


You can contact us via this application form. All terms and conditions can be found in our Responsible Disclosure Policy.


Do not use this form for queries about...

  • your password, PIN codes, number blocking, etc.
  • viruses, phishing, spam, fraud or unsolicited calls
  • how our services work or your bill

Please contact customer service for these types of queries, via the following link



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