Superior converged connectivity

Our solid network infrastructure is the backbone of our services, allowing businesses to grow and consumers to enjoy a seamless experience.


Our technology needs to be flawless on the go, at home and at the office. And on every device at any time. Our converged fixed and mobile network is a key enabler to make this happen. Our ambition is clear: we go for an ever more seamless, safer, faster and more powerful connected experience

"De Grote Netwerf"

Building a gigaspeed network

De Grote Netwerf

Announced in August 2014, this investment project of 500 million EUR will expand the fixed cable network to a vast superfast network reaching broadband speeds and download speeds of at least 1 gigabit per second. 



Helping businesses grow

Independent with tablet

With an investment up to 9.5 million EUR over a 5-year period, we will connect additional SME zones and business parks to our gigaspeed network.


Investments in mobile network

Enabling great experiences on the go

BASE technician

Mobile data usage doubles every 12 months and connectivity ‘on the go’ is a key pillar in our strategy. That is why we invest 250 million EUR in the coming years to substantially upgrade our mobile network (known as the former BASE Company network).