Cookies are small files saved on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit a website or use a mobile app. Some are necessary and others are not. The latter not only aid in ease of use but also enable us to get to know you better. 


When you accept the recommended cookies on our websites, we optimize your online experience based on the information you share with us. The choice is yours. 

Changing cookie preferences

You can manage which cookies you do and do not want via cookie preferences. To do so, click ‘Change cookie preferences’ below and at the bottom of our websites or in the app's settings.

We use five different types of cookies:

  • Category 1: necessary cookies (always set by default). These are necessary for the site to work as it should. You cannot switch them off.


  • Category 2: analytical cookies (after permission via the cookie banner or cookie preferences). We use these to collect information about your visit by measuring how long you visit the site, how often you click etc. We use the information to improve the website.


  • Category 3: personalization cookies (after permission via the cookie banner or cookie preferences). These cookies allow us to get to know you better and to tailor the website to your use. 


  • Category 4: advertising cookies (after permission via the cookie banner or cookie preferences). These cookies allow third parties to track your browsing habits. This means you also get relevant advertising on other sites. 


  • Category 5: social media cookies (after permission via the cookie banner or cookie preferences). These cookies enable us to make certain social media functions possible.  


Download our Cookie Policy (pdf-68 KB) for full details.

First of all, you should know that some cookies are necessary. You cannot refuse them.

All other types of cookies (analytical, personalization, advertising and social media cookies) can be switched off during the first visit to the website, via the cookie banner.

If you want to change your cookie preferences later, you can do so via the ‘Cookie preferences’ link below or at the bottom of each page of our website. 

Change cookie preferences

To some extent. If you accept the non-necessary cookies, we will use that information to improve your online experience for as long as you visit the site. And if you opt for that via the appropriate privacy settings (personal level), we will also use that information to send you personalized advertisements.

All about your privacy at Telenet

icon settings bars
Privacy settings

How may we use your data? You choose. You can do this through your privacy settings. There are four levels: from general to unique.



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icon file with guard shield
Privacy rights

Your privacy rights give you greater insight into and control over your data that we process.




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Privacy breaches

Has something gone wrong with your data? Then you can report a breach of privacy quickly and easily.




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Sharing data

Sometimes it is necessary for us to share your data. For example, with external suppliers who work on our behalf, because we are legally obliged to do so or because you gave your permission.


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Thanks to cookies, we know who you are when you visit our website. That makes using our site very convenient. What information you share with us is up to you!




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Contact us

If you still have questions about your privacy after reading this page and the privacy policy, you can ask the Telenet Privacy Team.

Do you have a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data by Telenet, or do you want to start a mediation procedure? Visit the website of the Belgian Data Protection Authority DPA.

Our privacy policy

This was the summary of our privacy policy. Do you want to read everything in detail? Then download our full privacy policy.