Sharing of data

Telenet only shares your data when there is no other option. There are basically three good reasons for this. 


Sometimes we work with other companies to assist you. For example, when we share your address with an independent installer or a delivery service such as PostNL. If we do not share your data, we cannot assist you. In such cases, sharing data is necessary.

Legally required

We are legally required to share some personal data if requested to do so by the appropriate authorities. For example, emergency call centres, judiciary bodies, intelligence services etc. 

With your consent

If you give your explicit permission to a third party to request your data from Telenet for the use of their services, we will share it. This includes Itsme, Streamz and NAKI, for example. 

The complete list of these can be found in section 5 of the privacy policy

Unfortunately, this is not possible because it concerns confidential Telenet data.

Please note that we will only share your data if there is no other option. This concerns parties such as installers, sellers of Telenet products, cloud providers, call centres that answer your questions, marketing agencies that conduct research etc.

In fact, we only share data that is strictly necessary for completion of their task. For example, an installer never receives commercial data.

In section 5 of our privacy policy you will find a complete list of all types of third parties with which we share your data.

This is only possible for the data for which you give permission to third parties yourself, such as Itsme, Streamz or NAKI. Obviously, you will then no longer be able to use those services.

For all others, it is not possible to ask Telenet not to share your data. We work closely with other companies because we do not always have the resources or know-how to carry out certain tasks ourselves. However, we do subject all our partners and suppliers to particularly stringent requirements. We build safeguards into our contracts to make sure they are as careful with your data as we are.

Finally, we obviously cannot refuse when the police, judiciary bodies or other government authorities request data on the basis of a legal order.

All about your privacy at Telenet

Privacy settings

How may we use your data? You choose. You can do this through your privacy settings. There are four levels: from general to unique.



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Privacy rights

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Privacy breaches

Has something gone wrong with your data? Then you can report a breach of privacy quickly and easily.




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Sharing data

Sometimes it is necessary for us to share your data. For example, with external suppliers who work on our behalf, because we are legally obliged to do so or because you gave your permission.


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Thanks to cookies, we know who you are when you visit our website. That makes using our site very convenient. What information you share with us is up to you!




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Contact us

If you still have questions about your privacy after reading this page and the privacy policy, you can ask the Telenet Privacy Team.

Do you have a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data by Telenet, or do you want to start a mediation procedure? Visit the website of the Belgian Data Protection Authority DPA.

Our privacy policy

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