Yellow blood courses through the veins of our employees; they are enthusiastic, persistent, full of passion and have an enormous drive to move forward together. You feel this when you come into contact with Telenet or when you enter our offices: the uplifting atmosphere is infectious! We are driven by the mantra: the bigger your smile, the happier we are.


Contagious enthusiasm

Telenet sparkles with positive energy. Full of passion our employees are committed to help our customers discover the endless possibilities of the new digital society. At Telenet, we are driven by our 5 core values and by our active engagement in the local communities we are living and operating in: passion, leadership, customer centricity, accountability, cooperation.

Telenet encourages its employees to actively contribute and engage in the local community. Since 2015 every Telenet employee can take one day paid leave per calendar year to volunteer on one of the projects supported by Telenet. The Telenet employees regularly join forces for good causes: they cycle or run for charities (Kom op Tegen Kanker, 20kms of Brussels, Big Ride for Africa) or organize fund raising actions as part of initiatives like Music for Life - De Warmste Week.


The ‘Give a smile’ programme also enables Telenet employees to dedicate their annual teambuilding activity to a charity.



As a large, dynamic company, Telenet always has a diverse offering of vacancies. People from all backgrounds are welcome: we have a clear need of people with a wide range of skills and professional experience.


Telenet is convinced that a diverse employee base contributes to more creativity, a strong service delivery, and better corporate results.

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Talent development

In these rapidly changing times, we want our employees to grow constantly. That is why we drive an employment policy that enhances talent and maximum engagement.

Employee Empowerment

We encourage our employees to take control of their own development trajectory to look beyond traditional education. In doing so, we apply a 70-20-10 model:

  • 70% learning on the job;
  • 20% learning through coaching and feedback;
  • 10% learning through formal trainings and courses.

The third part comprises a wide selection of internal trainings and external courses. The offering is particularly diverse with sessions around mindfulness, people management, and presentation & business writing skills. We make extensive use of alternative learning methods, such as company theater, role playing and individual coaching sessions.

Young Graduate Program

The Young Graduate-programme is a two-year training program for recently graduated master students. During this period, they follow a number of targeted trainings around core competencies such as innovation, leadership and customer focus. Through pitch- and presentation sessions, they get the opportunity to present their competencies and skills to the Senior Leadership Team.


Well-being at work

The welfare of our employees is central to our employment policy, which we develop in close consultation with the social partners. Safety, well-being and the environment are integral parts of our overall business policy.


We promote equal opportunities and diversity and condemn all forms of discrimination.

The New Way Of Working

The recent acquisitions of BASE Company and SFR BeLux are important milestones in our transformation and growth process.Our workforce has grown tremendously over the past years. As a consequence there are more and bigger teams, spread over different offices. This requires us to invest even more in building a future-proof and agile organisation with new ways of working, new operating models and an employee community that fully embraces the culture of change. Telenet therefore pays a lot of attention to the ‘new ways of working’. Our WOW-program allows our employees to collaborate and work in new and smarter ways. Activity-linked workplace and the roll out of Microsoft Office 365 that stimulates digital collaboration, create an optimal flow.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

We actively work on a diverse workforce ensuring our organization is a good reflection of the broader society and our customer base. We pay extra attention to the recruitment and promotion of women: over 35% of the employees is female. We have a strong representation of women in senior management positions (50%) and in the Board of Directors (3 women).


We make our employees aware and activate them with regards to well-being and the psychological aspects of work. For example, we create trainings on stress and conflict management, mindfulness, problem solving, interpersonal intelligence, etc. When needed, we refer employees on an individual basis to personal coaching and assistance.


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