We're there for each other. That's how we get things done.

Be completely yourself at Telenet

Snooze or get up straight away? A full breakfast or just coffee? Marathon or short sprints? With us, you work your way and can be completely yourself. You'll find yourself in an open culture and safe space where we recognize and value your talents and appreciate and respect everything about you. At Telenet we're there for each other. You can also slow down when you need to. Recharge your batteries so you can perform at your peak again later. That unique dynamic sets everyone in motion. We'll bring it together.

In which domain will you find your dream job?

For those who keep the business running
Jobs in HR, marketing & communication, legal, finance, supply chain & procurement or agile
For those who enjoy making the customer happy
Jobs in shops & customer service
For those who like to close deals
Jobs in sales
For the problem solvers
Jobs in IT, engineering, cybersecurity, data or digital
For starters who can't wait to get started
Jobs for young potentials

Seizing opportunities at Telenet

Society never stands still – and neither do we. At Telenet, we don't just follow change: we initiate it. We seize the opportunities that arise from it and make our mark.


Does that mean we always head straight for our goal? Not necessarily. It's okay to make detours or retrace your steps. But that sunny smile in our logo? It's always shining, no matter what.

Appreciate you? We do!

Working at Telenet is great. Because of the great atmosphere and fine colleagues, but also because you get room to grow, thanks to extensive learning opportunities and internal mobility possibilities. And with us you can grow in any direction. ‘Up’ is not necessarily the only way, because sometimes you just want to slow down, go in a different direction, try something new, keep learning, deepen your knowledge or specialize.


Moreover, we offer an attractive salary and benefits packages that you can personalize to your heart's content. In short: at Telenet you will have a bright future.

’Bring it together’: what it’s like to work at Telenet

At Telenet we get things moving – for you, for each other. We even improve the world, if possible. How? Because our 3,500 outstanding employees work as a team. That collaboration deserves to be showcased. Right here! So this is what it's like to work at Telenet...

Are we a good match? Do the test!

Whether you're a young go-getter or a seasoned professional, it's essential that you not only excel at your job but also feel at home in the Telenet vibe. Wondering whether you will? No worries: you don't have to give DNA. All you have to do to find out is complete a brief questionnaire!

Wanted: colleagues who get it done

Want to join us in getting things moving?

Questions? Just ask.


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