Jobs in sales at Telenet

Welcome to Telenet!

At Telenet we are – justifiably – proud of our products and services. To say they ‘sell themselves’ is perhaps putting it too strongly, but as a sales talent, you will be working with a uniquely strong, exceptionally broad range of offerings. It ranges from mobile to security and IT, so a job in sales at Telenet covers both pure sales and the more technical side of things. As you have undoubtedly already realized: in this context, you can grow and/or specialize to your heart's content.

Ready to get started at Telenet?

We pull out all the stops to welcome you. And even after your onboarding we will continue to ensure you are happy working with us, with homeworking options, well-being initiatives, plenty of autonomy, and much more.

This is what we can offer you
  • A very competitive package of personalized benefits, including the possibility of a company car and discounts on Telenet products
  • A job in sales in a rapidly developing, challenging market
  • Extensive opportunities for continuous growth, in all directions
  •  A flexible job with an employer who puts you first
Why you are a good match for us
  • Building and maintaining lasting customer relationships is your thing
  • You are reliable and meticulous in your communication and administration
  • You know your customers’ needs and never miss an opportunity
Things to consider
  • You don't wait for opportunities to appear; you create them yourself
  • Telenet is constantly changing. The chaos this sometimes entails never throws you for a loop. On the contrary: that's how you like it
  • You work on commission, so your salary depends in part on meeting your targets

Catching up in the morning over a cup of coffee is the start of any good working day.

Mieke & Ils

Positions that may interest you

Regional Account Manager

As regional account manager, you seek out new SME or SOHO customers within your specific region. You don't have an assigned portfolio, but because you are so ready to serve our customers they soon know where to find you. That is, you serve as a Telenet point of contact, working mainly on our connectivity products.

Specialized Sales 

Whether they concern contact centre solutions, mobility or cybersecurity, customer questions that are a bit too specific for the general account managers come to you and your specialised sales colleagues. Each of you is an expert in your own field, but you work closely with the account managers.

(Key) Accountmanager Large Enterprises 

Spot a promising opportunity? You make the push to grow our customer portfolio. And you don't take off your sales hat just yet, because you continue to follow up with customers personally. You focus on multinationals and are in the lead group with the sales managers and a trained team of fellow key account managers.

Sales Administrator

As sales administrator you initiate a major growth spurt in our customer portfolio. You win orders, manage our offers and provide administrative support. You build bridges between customers and departments so that everyone clicks their laptop shut or puts the phone down with a satisfied feeling. 

Ready to apply for a position at Telenet? This is how it works.

Step 1

You respond to a vacancy by submitting your CV and cover letter. Gift wrap optional. 

Step 2

Time for a chat with the hiring manager and a recruiter. The job, the team, our expectations and yours: it's all on the table. 

Step 3

In the final phase, you will get to know the director. Applying for the position of regional account manager? Then this is followed by an assessment to get a complete picture of your sales skills.



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