That yellow wink is cool, huh? So is working for us!

Peek inside Telenet

We could write a book explaining, from A to Z, why working for us is so pleasing. But that would take sooooo long. So just have a look at the photos and videos to see what it's like at Telenet.

A warm welcome

Just signed your Telenet contract? We do everything we can to give you a warm welcome, with a special app, a personal mentor, welcome! sessions and much more.

Work-life balance

From work-from-home opportunities and engaged managers to well-being initiatives, at Telenet we don't just want to make our customers' lives easier, we want to look after your well-being too.

Responding to change

Customer needs are changing rapidly, and the technology train races on at breakneck speed. We're ideally adapted to this, because we work in small teams with considerable autonomy.

Develop yourself? Absolutely

We place great importance on growth, and you can grow in any direction. Specialize, or switch tracks? Leading a team, or just taking a break? Whatever your goal is, you will be given room for it.

Many well-deserved benefits

Group and hospitalisation insurance, meal vouchers/per diem, a mobility budget, discounts on Telenet products etc. We like to pamper you with personalized benefits.

Local, stable employer

You have to maintain a certain flexibility to keep a cool head at Telenet, because things ‘pop up’ now and then. But at the same time, we're a very stable, local employer.

Peek inside Telenet

Inside look at TelenetThat yellow wink is cool, huh? Your future team too! We could list all the reasons here, but that would take too long. So just take a look at the photos and behind the scenes to see how we score with a great atmosphere.

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