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We always welcome questions at Telenet. But we also always go for convenience and efficiency when possible. That's why we've gathered the answers to frequently asked questions about working at Telenet here. Didn't find what you were looking for? Tap us on the (virtual) shoulder!

Frequently asked questions

Telenet's headquarters are located in beautiful Mechelen. We also have a number of smaller locations for our client service centres (Aalst, Mechelen-Zuid, Sint-Truiden) and our Telenet Business staff (Wommelgem, Zaventem). And, of course, you can find our Telenet and BASE shops throughout the country. 

Yes, certainly! We appreciate your enthusiasm. Feel free to send a mail to the recruiter responsible for the type of job you're seeking. P.S. Don't forget to register for our job alert. That way you'll get an alert as soon as a job appears that meets your criteria. Convenient!

Absolutely. We believe that we, as a large organization, have a role to fulfil in society. Not just with our products but also in terms of how our company conducts itself as an organization and employer. A good example is how we took steps to provide an accessible range of internet offerings for underprivileged families in times of remote learning. We devote attention to green mobility options. We place special focus on diversity and inclusion. And we give our employees the opportunity to do up to a day's volunteer work (with retention of pay). 

Telenet is continuously evolving, and the same can be said of our employees. There are many different positions. Furthermore, we believe that occasionally moving from place to place within the organization is beneficial to both you and the organization. Leading a team, taking a step back, specializing or delving into a new area of expertise – we support your initiative.

Ab-so-lutely. We strongly encourage it, with an extensive selection of internal and external courses. Skills and expertise are key to a strong range of product offerings and good service, and we all work together on this continuously. 

Yes! Alongside a whole range of personalized benefits in your compensation package, you also get discounts on Telenet and BASE products. 

If you apply via our website, you can upload your CV or you can use the function that lets you import your details via your Indeed or LinkedIn account. 

We have positions available for student jobs or internships on a regular basis. The vacancies are included in the vacancy list. Didn't find what you were looking for? Submit an unsolicited application via internships@telenetgroup.be. 

Your details are placed in our candidate database. We never use these details for sending advertisements for our products or services. You can find additional information in our privacy disclaimer. 

No, we don't. Short trousers or long dress, T-shirt or dress shirt. We want you to feel good in what you wear. As long as it is suitable for a professional working environment. If you wear a headscarf for religious reasons, for example, you are free to do so. 

No problem!

We want you to feel comfortable at Telenet, and that begins with a warm welcome. On your first day you will be taken on a tour of our building. You will meet some other recent starters so you can all be there for each other. During the Welcome Day we introduce you to life as a Telenetter. A big brother or big sister will accompany you to answer all your questions. 

Telework can help you achieve better work-life balance, so we give you the freedom to do your work outside the office too. At the same time, we also feel it's important that you maintain good contact with your colleagues. Therefore, we ask that you spend at least 40% of your time at the office on a quarterly basis. That office serves as a meeting place where your team comes together. For some positions, such as shop representatives, working from home is more difficult to arrange. However, we try to offer the opportunity there too, for example by having shop employees handle some of the questions we receive via mail or WhatsApp. 

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Do you have any more questions? Then send an e-mail to the recruiter in charge, and he or she will contact you as soon as possible. Or link via LinkedIn, and ask your question in this way. Yes, we answer!

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