Engineering jobs at Telenet

Welcome to Telenet!

As a member of our engineering squads, you design state-of-the-art fixed and mobile networks. You come up with reliable, future-proof connectivity solutions and premium products for Telenet customers and employees. And when you join us your expertise will be fully utilized. It will allow you to make your mark in an innovative environment that's constantly changing. You won't stand still either: we encourage growth (in all directions) and offer extensive training programmes.

Ready to get started at Telenet?

We pull out all the stops to welcome you. And even after your onboarding we will continue to ensure you are happy working with us, with homeworking options, well-being initiatives, plenty of autonomy, and much more.

This is what we can offer you
  • An innovative, people-oriented employer
  • A meaningful job in which you help ensure we are and remain relevant
  • A good work-life balance and unique Telenet benefits
Why you are a good match for us
  • You get the most out of the available data
  • A challenging environment encourages you to grow
  • You provide the foundations on which our tribes can build
Things to consider
  • Telenet is constantly changing. The chaos this sometimes entails never throws you for a loop. On the contrary: that's how you like it
  • You feel at home in an agile working environment
  • Continuous learning is essential for staying up to date

I only leave my colleague behind when running. At work we stand shoulder to shoulder.

Tejpal & Peter

Positions that may interest you

Telco Cloud

With like-minded souls, you work to build the hybrid (on-prem/public) telecom cloud of the future. As a member of the Telco Cloud team, you help lay the foundation for the virtual and container network functions that will enable our products and organization to soar. From drawing up the roadmap to effectively rolling out the platform: you get it done.

B2B Voice

Together with the rest of the B2B Voice team, you monitor the availability of the converged Telenet fixed voice and IPC core network elements and services. You have the best interests of our B2B target group at heart and a soft spot for the voice services they use. Your heart leaps at the opportunity to implement new services and features in our domain.

Ready to apply for a position at Telenet? Let's do it!

Step 1

You respond to a vacancy. We carefully screen your CV and covering letter.

Step 2

One of our recruiters gives you a call as soon as they can. Feel free to start firing off questions during this call.

Step 3

Time for a chat with HR, to see if you're feeling the Telenet vibe. Is it a cultural fit?

Step 4

You get to know your people manager and possibly your future colleagues. This will give you a clear picture of the job.

Step 5

If you have not yet met the hiring manager, now is the time. We may also ask you to prepare a case.

Of course, our application process is not set in stone. If you have specific questions, we simply schedule a meeting with the Telenetter who can best answer them. It's that simple.

Wanted: colleagues who get things done

Want to join us in getting things moving?
If you still have questions,
our recruiter Evelien will be happy to help!