Our ambition


It is our ambition to make life and work easier and happier.
We want to enable and inspire our customers to get the most out of their digital lives and businesses.


We are committed to offer our customers the best connectivity, the best entertainment experience and the best business solutions,
on the device of their choice, anytime, anywhere. This ambition forms the foundation of our strategy that is built on four pillars.         

Lead via superior connectivity and platforms

Our solid network infrastructure is the backbone of our services, allowing businesses to grow and consumers to enjoy a seamless experience. Our technology needs to be flawless on the go, at home and at the office. And on every device at any time. Our converged fixed and mobile network is a key enabler to make this happen. Our ambition is clear: we go for an ever more seamless, safer, faster and more powerful connected experience.


Deliver the most engaging and inspiring entertainment experience

Entertainment is the number one reason why people rely on connectivity. And nothing creates a stronger bond than shared emotions. That is why we are committed to offer our customers a compelling entertainment experience by giving them easy access to international top content, by investing in local media productions and by creating new, innovative entertainment events.


Offer a caring one-stop shop for businesses

We help Belgian businesses turn – from large and medium enterprises to small, local entrepreneurs - digital challenges into opportunities by making digital, unconventionally simple and frictionless. We therefore offer our business customers with seamless connectivity and state-of-the-art, end-to end IT solutions.


Offer a digital first customer experience

Our customers embrace digital to a maximum in the day-to-day lives. As it comes to their interactions with Telenet, they also expect a seamless, easy and digital first experience. That is why we invest in the digitization of our customer engagement platforms and processes, underpinned by more simplified iT systems and operating models.