Entertainment is the number one reason why people rely on connectivity. And nothing creates a stronger bond than shared emotions. That is why we are committed to offer our customers a compelling entertainment experience by giving them easy access to international top content, by investing in local media productions and by creating new, innovative entertainment events.

Immersive entertainment at
The Park

In May 2018 we launched ‘The Park’: an event location where visitors are immersed in virtual reality experiences. In teams of 5 persons, young and old can enter a thrilling world where action-packed adventures await: equipped with VR goggles and a backpack with sensors, you enter a completely fictitious world where you and your team play the lead role.


Local content creation

In May 2016, we launched ‘Chaussée d’Amour’, our first own TV series and two years later we released ‘De Dag’ on our Play and Play More TV channels. We develop own local content productions and give the local media ecosystem a boost by investing yearly in the production of top fiction series in Flanders, often with the support of the Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds/Mediafonds.    


Streamz & Play Sports

Streamz, the streaming service of DPG Media and Telenet, combines local content with an extensive collection of international films and series. Streamz is also the proud Home of HBO in Belgium.


Play Sports takes enjoying sports to the next level with its wide variety of sports and unique viewing experience via our app.


Ownership of De Vijver Media

Our 100% ownership of De Vijver Media gives us access to the creative brainpower of production house Woestijnvis. It also enables us to experiment with converging offers between internet and TV via the TV channels VIER, VIJF and ZES.