Micha Berger

CEO Wyre

Micha Berger (°1970) joined the Telenet Group in July 2013 and he headed the engineering department, the service assurance group and the mobile services division as Chief Technology Officer ("CTO"). On 1 July 2013, he also joined the Company's Senior Leadership Team and reported directly to the Company's CEO. Since 1 October 2019, the information technology department was added to his responsibilities. Under his leadership, the "The Great Network" program was launched that resulted in internet speeds of 1 gigabit per second across Flanders and Brussels.

He is a strong supporter of Telenet's largest digital transformation program that resulted in new ways of working for everyone in the company and will improve the customer experience. He integrated and launched the new flexible and advanced IT platform.

On 1 July 2023, Micha Berger became the CEO of Wyre. Wyre is a network infrastructure separate company operating as a joint venture between Telenet and Fluvius. With Wyre, Micha and his team want to guarantee high-quality connectivity to residential and business customers, while enabling internet speeds up to 10 Gbps across the footprint, ensuring the customers digital future. Wyre stands for free nondiscriminatory competition, welcoming as many telecom service providers as possible, onto the current best in class HFC-network and the full FttH-network of the future.

Micha Berger had worked for Liberty Global since 2006, first as Manager of the Engineering Department at UPC Netherlands. Since 2010, as Vice President at Liberty Global, he was responsible for Horizon Next Generation digital television development and product rollout. Before that, Mr Berger gained his first experience in the cable industry at HOT Israel, where he was responsible for the development of the interactive digital service platform and video-on-demand rollout.

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