Jeroen Bronselaer

EVP Media Telenet

Jeroen Bronselaer became CEO of SBS Belgium in November 2020. He combines this role with the role of Executive Vice President Media, responsible for the follow-up and strategic guidance of all media assets of the Telenet group. Jeroen is a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Jeroen joined Telenet in September 2010, and, at the very start of his career with the telco operator, was responsible for the negotiations and relationships with broadcasters and content suppliers. In addition to this, he later also took on responsibility for Play, Play More and Play Sports of Telenet. Jeroen joined the Senior Leadership Team in 2015 as head of the residential marketing department, assuming responsibility for positioning, branding and marketing of all residential products of both the Telenet and the BASE brand. He remained in this role until November 2020.

Before his employment at Telenet, Jeroen was employed by the Flemish public broadcaster VRT, where he started as producer of the successful children’s game KetnetKick, but quickly evolved to more business-oriented positions within the VRT Media department. Jeroen Bronselaer holds a master's degree as a commercial engineer, and a post graduate degree in communication from the KU Leuven.

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