A born pioneer


In a world of rapid technology developments, continuous investments in innovation are the lifeline of our company. We take a collaborative approach to innovation, actively partnering up with industry partners, academic institutions and startups. We make innovation investments in different activity domains.  


Technological innovation

Building high-performant fixed & mobile connectivity solutions

The explosion of fixed and mobile data usage demands a constant expansion of our network capacity. Thanks to the on-going investments, Telenet has the fastest fixed, gigaspeed network in Belgium, which covers more than 95% of our footprint, and is also a leading mobile network provider in Belgium     


Product innovation

Anticipating changing customer behaviours

Telenet is actively responding to changing customer behaviours by introducing innovative customer propositions that offer best-in-class, user-friendly products. Thanks to offers like ONE, Based on you, TADAAM and Safespot, customers can more easily compare products and make a fast and balanced choice that responds to their specific needs and expectations.   


Customer Service innovation

Creating amazing customer experiences

Positive customer experiences form the foundation for sustainable growth. Telenet is permanently optimizing its customer service models, adopting a more digital-first attitude, thus creating memorable experiences that enhance customer satisfaction.


Collaborative innovation

Stimulating collaborative innovation

Telenet is building strategic partnerships that transform the telecom, media and entertainment business. We take a collaborative approach to innovation working closely together with partners. These efforts result in new, disruptive business models and innovative products and solutions that shape the digital age.