At Telenet, we are committed to manage our supply chain in a responsible way. The products and services that we purchase from our suppliers have as much of an ethical, environmental and social impact as our own products and services. We therefore reward those suppliers who strive for sustainable operations and encourage the others to make improvements. This goal is firmly embedded in our procurement process.


The Telenet Supplier PolicyThe Supplier Code of ConductThe General Terms & Conditions for SuppliersThe Dynamic Ecovadis Scorecard


Telenet Supplier Policy

We are applying a strict supplier policy based on the following key principles: 

  • Suppliers and subcontractors should comply to the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) in relation to prohibition on child and forced labor, discrimination and freedom of association.
  • Our policy covers all labour policies and standards, including health and safety, working conditions and remuneration.
We do enforce this policy by:
  • Communicating the Supplier Policy to all our suppliers worldwide.
  • Ensuring all supplier contracts do include clauses regarding labour standards and policies.
  • Regularly assessing its suppliers on policy compliance.
  • Driving audits to check policy compliance. When suppliers are suspected to breach the policy, a formal audit is done.
Providing support and guidance to non-compliant suppliers through the implementation of corrective actions and recovery plans.

Supplier Code of Conduct

All suppliers confirm to acknowledge our Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption Policy. It officially confirms that there is no conflict of interest between the suppliers and their representatives on the one hand, and between Telenet and persons affiliated with Telenet on the other hand.


The Code of Conduct covers the following themes:

  • environmental standards for the supplier’s activities, products and services; fundamental human rights (such as the prohibition on forced and child labour).
  • working conditions (such a working hours and termination procedures).
  • health and safety at work.
  • business ethics (such as anti-corruption)
Download our Code of Conduct for suppliers

General Terms and Conditions for Suppliers

As part of the contractual engagement with Telenet, suppliers should subscribe to our general terms and conditions.


Download the General Terms & Conditions


The Dynamic EcoVadis Scorecard

Since 2013, Telenet – together with its main shareholder Liberty Global – applies the dynamic scorecard of EcoVadis to measure the ethical, environmental and social risks of our suppliers. This assesses the CSR performance of companies on twenty-one indicators, grouped into four themes: environmental risk, social risks, ethical risks and supplier risks. We use this system to compare and benchmark the performance of our suppliers.


We regularly monitor our suppliers and, in case of a suspected breach, we will start a formal audit. In case of non-compliance with CSR principles, we will initially help the supplier to take corrective action. If no agreement is reached on an acceptable recovery plan, the business relationship may be terminated.