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Our commitment: Always one step ahead!


At Telenet, we believe in the tremendous potential of digital and we are committed to help people and businesses to stay one step ahead in the digital age. We want to build a society in which people enjoy to live and work together, embracing the endless possibilities of the digital world at the fullest and with pleasure. For a better quality of life.


In this digital era, we want to make a real difference by engaging with our customers and employees in an inclusive and empathic way. We are committed to build an open and transparent relationship with all our stakeholders, looking them straight in the eye and responding to their expectations as it comes to our social, economic and environmental impact.

Telenet Talks

No 5G in Belgium due to a delay in the spectrum auction? Panic is now out of place.


‘Internet of Things’ or ‘Internet of Trouble’?


We are committed to long-lasting trusted stakeholder relationships, with a strong focus on privacy and on the security of our systems.


Telenet is looking for Young Graduates!

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