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Telenet Group NV/SA
Liersesteenweg 4
2800 Mechelen
Reception: Tel: +32 15 333 000


Our office is easily accessible by car, bike and by public transport.



By public transport:

By train: The inter-regional train station Mechelen Nekkerspoel (on the Antwerp-Brussels line) is located about 10 minutes by foot from the Telenet offices. At the station, take the exit 'centre'. Walking along the old station building to the waterfront. Follow the street to the right along the water (Frans Halsvest) until you get to the first intersection. There you turn right into Liersesteenweg. You will see the Telenet building some 100 metres ahead.

By bus: Take bus number 550, 551 or 552. There are two bus stops along Liersesteenweg: one right at the entrace of the Telenet building and one across the street.

By car or by bike:

E19 (Brussels - Antwerp) Exit Mechelen Noord
Head towards Mechelen centre. Go past McDonalds, Carrefour. Turn left at the sixth traffic light, towards Lier.

Attention: The entrance to the underground parking area is via the Caputsteenstraat (GPS: enter CAPUTSTEENSTRAAT).

Do you have questions about our products? Visit this page to contact us.  

Do you have questions about our products? Visit this page to contact us.

Do you have questions about our products? Visit this page to contact us.

Do you have questions about our products? Visit this page to contact us.

Bart Boone

Spokesperson Dutch-speaking press

Coralie Miserque

Spokesperson French-speaking press

The communication department answers questions of journalists who want more information on Telenet. The following numbers and email addresses are only intended for press.
Please send all other requests to the correct department:

Do you have questions about sponsoring? Visit this page to contact us.

Learn more about the Telenet Supplier Policy.
Contact the Telenet Procurement Team

Students who want more information about Telenet or BASE are advised to take a look at the following documents and reports:



Students who are looking for specialized information from a specific department for their thesis may send their detailed questionnaire to We receive several requests every week and try to answer them as much as possible. Listing and describing your specific questions as clearly as possible enables us to contact the right colleagues more quickly to help you further.



Would you like to do an internship at Telenet? That's possible! However, we know from experience that an internship of two weeks is too short to be profitable, both for our company and for the student. That's why we prefer to only supervise long-term internships (from 4 weeks), so that every intern really gets the chance to participate in the daily reality. Moreover, the internship always has to be part of an official study program.


You can apply for an internship by sending your CV and motivation letter to, always mentioning the internship period and the department where you want to do your internship.