Board of Directors

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Upon initiative of the chairman, the board of directors assesses its efficiency at least every three years in order to achieve possible improvements in its own performance and its interaction with management. In this respect, particular attention is paid to:

the size, composition and functioning of the board of directors and its committees;


  • the thoroughness with which material subjects and decisions are prepared and discussed;
  • the actual contribution of each director in terms of presence at the board of directors and/or committee meetings and the constructive involvement in the deliberation and resolutions;
  • the application of the corporate governance rules within Telenet and its bodies.


The evaluation exercise is usually performed by means of a questionnaire, to be filled out by all board members. The completed questionnaires are collected by the company secretary, and the results thereof are presented to the Remuneration and Nomination Committee and the board of directors. The last evaluation took place in July 2020, and the board of directors of December 2020 assessed and discussed the results of the same.

In addition, the board of directors applies a transparent procedure through which, at the end of each board member’s term, the Remuneration and Nomination Committee evaluates the board member’s presence at the board and/or committee meetings, their commitment and their constructive involvement in discussions and decision-making. The committee hereby also assesses whether the contribution of each board member is adapted to changing circumstances.


Once a year, the non-executive directors also make an evaluation of their interaction with the SLT, whereby they meet in the absence of the executive directors and the management of the Company.

Finally, given the increasing impact and importance of corporate social responsibility and sustainability on Telenet’s business, the board of directors decided in 2013 that the design, implementation and monitoring of Telenet’s corporate social responsibility and sustainability program would be discussed and approved at full board level. The board of directors also formally reviews and approves the Company’s sustainability report and ensures that all material aspects are covered. On July 27, 2021, Telenet formally approved the Sustainability Report 2020. More information on the Telenet Sustainability program can be found in section 7 of this Financial Report.


The board of directors undertakes to act on the results of the performance evaluations. Where appropriate, this will involve proposing new board members for appointment, proposing not to re-appoint existing board members or taking any measure deemed appropriate for the effective operation of the board.