Rules of conduct

When you visit one of our shops, call us or chat with us online, please remember to respect our rules of conduct. Following these rules helps ensure good communication:

  • We speak with each other, not about each other. Religious beliefs, gender, skin colour… we always welcome everyone, there is no discussion about that. A misplaced comment? We put a stop to that immediately, without exception. If you agree to keep it polite and respectful, we are happy to continue the conversation. 

  • Never try to steal the show with undesirable content. We immediately shut down everything in this long but non-exhaustive list: racism, discrimination, hate speech, bullying, stalking, extremist ideas, incitement to unlawful acts, threats, harmful statements directed at minors, pornographic content, spam, etc.

  • Privacy is key! Want to share a number or address with us? Always do so safely, via a private message.

  • Capital letters and punctuation marks? Please do use them! Well-formed sentences help convey your thoughts clearly. Do be conservative with their use, however. Otherwise, the impact will be lost.

  • Please only share commercial messages, invitations to participate in contests, polls, apps and other cool stuff that has nothing to do with Telenet Group in groups where they are welcome. Otherwise, we will have no choice but to remove them.

  • A ‘thank you’ or a ‘sorry’. They are just small words, but they often make a world of difference.

  • Choose to keep surfing on negative vibes? No one appreciates that, and it will not help you get one step further. Repeated violations will result in you being blocked, so you will no longer be able to post messages or comments. We may report unlawful activity to the relevant authorities.


Thank you for reading all the way to the end. If you would like to know which other companies and brands are also actively working towards a more inclusive society, be sure to read the Hier Niet charter.

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Tip! Think twice about your message before you send it or say it. Would you speak to your friends, family, colleagues or boss that way? If not, say it differently. That way, our staff can take further steps to assist you or others who read your post will not be offended.