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Totally obsessed with data, digital and all things tech? Then we have a lot in store for you here at Telenet. Not just because of our padel courts or fancy juice and coffee bar, but because our level of expertise is exceptionally high, we work with groundbreaking technologies and vast amounts of data and because we love to go head-to-head with technological challenges. So, do you want to make Telenet your tech playground too?

Lots of expertise under one roof:

IT & Engineering

Today we’re bringing together tomorrow

How to use generative AI to work smarter? How do we keep our clients safe from phishing? How does our 5G network raises security levels at our harbor? Can robots really prevent problems in our networks? This is just a glimpse of what our experts in tech, digital and data are working on. We recently even started new projects within the energy sector. Because everything is digital.

Telenet at Nerdland Festival

Big smiles all around in our Telenet booth at the Nerdland festival as visitors checked out eye-opening experiences. Because that is what playing with tech will do for you. No matter your age. We came away from Nerdland 2024 with lots of great memories. And for some, it may have been a step up to a job in tech at Telenet.

Embracing tech, embracing you

No need to deny it, we love tech, but we love our people even more. That’s why we give you the liberty and trust to work as flexible as can be. We also believe that working with varying ages and cultures only broadens our vision and improves our professional and personal lives. That “sense of belonging” is way more than just a cool buzz word to us. It’s the people, our real humans who make our digital services so strong.



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