Jobs in Digital Design and Digital Solutions at Telenet

Welcome to Telenet!

As a Digital team member, you use your critical mind, creativity and customer focus to provide digital deliverables that are virtually unequalled in the sector. You succeed at making complex matters ‘aha’ simple and establishing Telenet as the reference in terms of connectivity, entertainment platforms and more. Because staying ahead in a digital world and helping customers do the same is what it's all about. For this you go to extremes, as a member of passionate, multidisciplinary squads. Surrounded by Developers, Business and Software Analysts, Architects, Tech Leads, Personalization Experts and UX and Journey Designers, you realize the full potential of digital.

Design & Solutions

Our digital team is bursting with talent. Digital experts and UX/UI and Journey Designers (Design) combine their skills with those of the Front- and Back-End Developers (Solutions). From drawing up a digital roadmap to the implementation of all imaginable digital services and solutions, everything revolves around ease of use for the customer. Business Analysts and Product Managers serve as the interface to the business, because we go the extra mile for the perfect customer journey. We continuously adapt our products and features to the needs and requirements of our customers and keep their digital touchpoints on top of the game. We get it done.

Possibly of interest to you

Fullstack Developer

As a Full Stack Developer you collaborate with internal and external experts to translate customer needs and stories into a suitable architecture and solution. You implement and document, and write unit and integration tests as well as top quality code. You also closely examine the code of consultants and partners. You keep one eye on the deadlines and Telenet values, while you look for possibilities for improvement – both at the technical and organizational levels – with the other.

Product Manager

Our ideal Product Manager is the driving force behind the strategy and aligns the digital roadmap with the overall Telenet strategy. You keep yourself informed about what is going on with the customer and the competition, and in the digital landscape. You keep track of and monitor performance throughout the development and launch of our products. You play a pivotal role, taking heed of the interests of both the client and internal stakeholders, and making recommendations to the leadership concerning scope, scheduling and budgets.

UX/UI Designer

As a UX/UI Designer, you treat our customers to digital solutions that
feel as familiar as their favourite shoes. You create intuitive concepts,
designs and experiences, campaigns and applications. To do this, you bring
extensive knowledge of UX/UI to your multidisciplinary squad, where you
steadfastly represent the voice of the customer. Like a chameleon, you adapt
effortlessly to different contexts, domains and projects. 

Ready to get started at Telenet?

We go out of our way to welcome you. But even after your onboarding, we continue to make sure you are happy working for us. As a Telenetter, you can count on homeworking options, wellbeing initiatives, lots of autonomy and more.

This is what we have to offer you
  • An innovative, people-oriented employer.
  • A meaningful job in which you help shape Telenet's digital future.
  • A challenging environment that encourages personal development.
This is why you are a match for us
  • You make the most of the available data and platforms.
  • A challenging environment triggers your desire to grow.
  • You lay the foundations on which Telenet can build.
Things to consider
  • Telenet is constantly changing. The chaos this sometimes brings doesn't bother you. On the contrary: that's how you like things.
  • You feel right at home in an agile working environment.
  •  Continuing to learn is crucial to staying up-to-date

Want to apply to Telenet? Let's do it!

Step 1

You respond to a vacancy by submitting your CV and cover letter. You can gift wrap them if you like. 

Step 2

A recruiter calls you. Feel free to fire off your first questions during this interview.

Step 3

Time for a chat with HR, to see if you're feeling the Telenet vibe. ‘Company fit’, right?

Step 4

You get to know your people manager and, in some cases, all your future colleagues. This will give you a clear picture of the job.

Step 5

If you have not yet met the hiring manager, now is the time. We may also ask you to prepare a case.

Of course, our application process is not set in
stone. If you have specific questions as things move along, we simply schedule
a meeting with the Telenetter who can best answer them.  It's that simple. 

What some of your future colleagues have to say

‘We share everything with each other as a team: the responsibilities and the successes.’

Nadia & Tom

Wanted: colleagues who get things done

Do you want to help make things happen?
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