Sales vacancies: become a customer representative at Telenet & BASE

Welcome to Telenet!

For our shops we seek motivated builders of trusting relationships who never avoid a discussion. You analyse needs and help customers in the shop as well as via chat, social media and telephone. And you do it all with enthusiasm. With us, you don't get a typical sales position: you give advice – and that gives satisfaction! 

You go for variation and substance

As a customer representative you are choosing a job with variation and substance. After all, each person and question is different. And you never know who will walk into the shop. Moreover, you enjoy an attractive salary package with many benefits, including meal vouchers – that's something to chew on! Because we want you to be able to do your job with full confidence, we offer internal training courses that teach you all there is to know about Telenet/BASE products. And once you've done that, you can continue developing your skills and satisfy your ambition and curiosity. 

Location and work pattern: ultimate flexibility

Your days fly by, in a flexible work schedule, with the possibility to work from home one day a week. Part time or full time? At most of our shops that's entirely up to you.

Ready to get started at Telenet?

We pull out all the stops to welcome you. And even after your onboarding we will continue to ensure you are happy working with us, with homeworking options, well-being initiatives, plenty of autonomy, and much more.

This is what we can offer you
  • A permanent contract straight from the start
  • Diverse tasks via various channels
  • Internal training to boost your confidence
Why you are a good match for us
  • Satisfied customers are your number-one priority
  • You get it sold, even when you are working from home
  • Commercial and personal: you have no problem combining both approaches
Things to consider
  • You answer every question as if it was the first time you heard it. In other words, you are patient
  • No two days are the same. You adapt effortlessly
  • You do your part to contribute to the team results

We resolve the most difficult situations effortlessly when we put our heads together.

Kevin & Iona

Positions that may interest you

Giving it your all, grabbing opportunities with both hands and growing

An experienced trainer teaches you, and the entire team is ready to help you. Because at Telenet we cultivate your talents and respect your imperfections.

Variation: from sales to answering questions

Selling innovative products and helping people – even from home: check. No lack of challenges, in part because your range of tasks is so varied: from answering mails to sending messages via social media and making calls. Every day is different, and that's how you like it.

Team ahead of technology, without exceptions

You are there for our customers, and we are there for each other! Your well-being is important to us, because you're the one who makes lives easier, richer and better. 

Ready to apply for a position at Telenet? Let's do it!

Step 1

You respond to a vacancy by submitting your CV and cover letter. Gift wrap optional. 

Step 2

One of our recruiters gives you a call as soon as they can. Feel free to start firing off questions during this call.

Step 3

Time for a chat with the manager. The job, the team, our expectations and yours: it's all on the table.



Colleagues who get things done

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