Samuel en Pankaj


About five years ago, Pankaj and Samuel became cybersecurity colleagues. Pankaj had previously worked as an external consultant, and Samuel came to Telenet following the acquisition of the hosting company he worked for. Their shared passion for all things security, their convergent thought processes and their own particular sense of humor make the cybersecurity a close team.

What kind of bond do you have with one another?

We are, of course, colleagues in cybersecurity, but we mostly find each other in the way we look at things, and especially in how we laugh at certain things. Humor is important for both of us. When the sense of humor is the same, it all works out, doesn’t it?

You form a complementary duo?

We complement each other well. In fact, we share the same drive for cybersecurity. We want to learn every day, discover new things and share them with each other. That’s how a team works. And, in our work, we do everything to ensure online security for customers and colleagues. Unfortunately, people too often choose convenience above security when they are online.

Teamwork is important for you?

Absolutely. We must be one of the smallest teams within Telenet, because, apart from us, there’s only Robin, our team leader. When just the three of you are responsible for a few thousand people, it’s best to complement each other. And we do. Professionally, and also as partners in humor.