First job?
At Telenet, of course

Welcome to Telenet!

Talent, eagerness to shine and learn, as well as a click with the Telenet vibe. That is how you succeed here as a recent graduate. You help close the digital divide in Flanders and we help you. At Telenet you are welcome. To feel right at home and grow to your full potential.

Who's this for?

Initiative takers

Curious people who take a firm hold of their careers.

Those who dare

To make mistakes and learn from them in order to improve.

Warm-hearted, fine colleagues

We only ask of you what we are going to give twice as much of in return ;)

A first day to remember

During your first day, your entire onboarding and beyond, we want you to feel welcome.

You will soon meet your people manager, who will become your go-to person, and get to know your team: other starters, experts and those who are part of the furniture… all of whom will help you make a great start. So, from that first moment you will feel our yellow vibe.

Feel good, day after day

Inclusion, diversity and well-being. From day one, you feel the trust. We continuously offer initiatives to promote your well-being.

  • People manager and buddy to guide and support you
  • Extensive onboarding programme
  • Meet & greet with other recent graduates
  • Celebrating successes together and learning from mistakes
  • Brainstorming rooms and coffee and juice bars to keep your vibe creative and sharp
  • Do you like to work from home? That's understandable! We see each other in the office about 40 percent of the time, but at all other times, you are free to choose where you work.
  • Legally, starters are not yet entitled to any leave. But we do something about that. You get one leave day per month worked, on top of your ADV (shorter working hours) days. Exceptional, but that’s how we get things done.

Sometimes, well-being is just a matter of not pushing yourself so hard.
And that is equally true for starters.

We grow together

When you grow, we grow too. So whichever direction you want to go, we will cheer you on from the front row. We provide many opportunities for you to get a clear view of where you are headed, while also creating an atmosphere in which you can develop yourself further.

  • Become an expert in your field
  • Head off in a completely new direction
  • Pause for a bit or take a step back
  • Evolve into a manager


…the list goes on. Our feedback culture, the moments with your people manager and team, are there precisely to encourage your growth. Many of your colleagues have already built amazing careers here, so why not you too?

Many benefits

Working from home and holiday time, the good atmosphere and being able to share your ambitions openly are far from the only benefits. We have plenty more in store for you.

  • A company that evolves rapidly
  • Appreciation for your eagerness to innovate
  • Considerable autonomy
  • Small teams that make us agile
  • Mobility options tailored to you: bicycle allowance, public transport pass, an electric company car or a leased bicycle
  • Top-notch laptop and smartphone
  • And certainly not unimportant: a unique working environment with leisure facilities and company restaurant



Colleagues who get things done

Want to join us in getting things moving?
If you still have questions,

our recruiter Ellen will be happy to help!