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Technology is evolving at an incredible pace. At Telenet, we don't just try to stay with the pace; in our enthusiasm we even drive the pace on. Naturally, the fact that we make our own rules does not mean that we break the rules. Our legal department ensures that we comply with the legal requirements and continue to thoroughly fulfil the terms of our licence. The jobs in legal at Telenet touch on a wide range of legal areas and offer you plenty of variety. 

You will be able to take full advantage of your expertise

You will be handling files and drafting legal opinions in real depth. To take full advantage of your expertise, we organise our legal teams into various Centres of Excellence, each with its own field of specialisation.

Steady as a rock

At Telenet, you'll find yourself in what can be a turbulent environment, but at the same time in a team that, thanks to its many years of experience, is as steady as a rock.

Ready to get started at Telenet?

We pull out all the stops to welcome you. And even after your onboarding we will continue to ensure you are happy working with us, with homeworking options, well-being initiatives, plenty of autonomy, and much more.

This is what we can offer you
  • An innovative working environment with many support services
  • The space to give own ideas the chance to grow
  • An internal culture that puts people first, with an eye for a good work-life balance
Why you are a good match for us
  • Taking responsibility in your work and within your team: that is second nature to you
  • Collaboration motivates you to give your best
  • To connect people, you go to extremes every day
Things to consider
  • You feel right at home working in an agile environment
  • You can cope with the rapid changes in your field
  • Continuous learning is essential during your journey
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The typical office hustle and bustle gets me in the right mood to set to work.

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Positions picked for you

Legal Counsel

You give (commercial) legal advice to Telenet Business, especially to our customer service, the marketing- and sales teams and the Portfolio department. In addition, you draft watertight contracts and templates. 

Regulatory Affairs Expert / Specialist

As a Regulatory Affairs Expert or Specialist, you keep Telenet's strategy firmly on the legal rails. You supervise the proper implementation of our Regulatory Affairs policy and prepare legal, economic and practical regulatory advice. 

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Step 1

You respond to a vacancy by submitting your CV and cover letter. Gift wrap optional. 

Step 2

One of our recruiters gives you a call as soon as they can. Feel free to start firing off questions during this call.

Step 3

Time for a chat with the hiring manager and a recruiter. The job, our expectations and yours: it's all on the table. 

Step 4

Finally, you and the hiring manager sit down together once more, accompanied by colleagues from your future team.



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