We are the ultimate optimists.

The cheerful yellow brand with the disarming smile and a wink full of complicity.


But we’re also more than ever involved in what happens around us. We take our responsibility in society. We want to move forward by making sure everyone can follow along.


Our engagement shows in our photography, with its eye for authentic moments, —true to life and with vivid colours. You see it in our typography, that allows us to start an even better dialogue, with accents in the right places. And in our rich palette of colours, full of nuance and humanity.


In this brand book we want to show you how to go ahead with all these elements and to produce real, warm Telenet creations.


Together, we can get the best out of it! 

Our brand

Before you get started with the outside, it is good to get acquainted with Telenet from the inside. When you know our values, you immediately understand why we do what we do.


We’re firmly anchored in the real world, and we feel the pulse of what’s going on.

We’re close to people, close to businesses. We understand very well that life is not perfect. But we celebrate this life and this entrepreneurship with all its highs and lows.


We understand what is important and we see where we can help. Because people are at the centre of everything we do. They are what drives us.


And we leave no one behind, because we want everyone to follow along. Every day we help customers to get more out of life or out of their business.


Always honest, sincere and transparent. Our customer’s smile, that’s what we do it for.


Yes, we are true optimists.

We always think the glass is half full. And when it comes to technology, we always believe in the good side of it.

That’s what drives us every day. We see the opportunities in every challenge. And we seize them without hesitation and plenty of positivity and contagious  enthusiasm.

Always with the aim of making someone’s life or business better.


Smarter. Safer. More pleasant. For us, tomorrow is always worth it. Hey, it’s no coincidence that our logo smiles. ;) 


Change does not happen by itself.

It requires commitment. And that we have. Determined as we are, we’re constantly looking for solutions and we create better products and services. That’s how we create progress for every person, for every company and for society as a

We inspire and guide with real-world expertise.

And we dare to take a stand as well.

Consistent, with lots of conviction and well substantiated.


Because nothing stops us. Together, we create the future, and we move confidently

Brand guidelines

3 parts. Together one story.

Each part builds upon the previous.
Do you want to work on digital media, but lack the basics? Make sure you have a look at part 1 and 2 then.

Part 1

About us

What are our values? How do we speak and write? How do we look like in photography? You'll discover this in part 1.

Dutch version
English version
Part 2

Basic principles

In this part, you will find all design elements that you need to make your work Telenet-like. We will also show you step by step how to use it.

Dutch version
English version
Part 3

Digital media

In this last part, you will see how some of the basic principles change slightly for webdesign and display bannering.


You will also find redirects to the guidelines for motion design, social always-on and the Telenet website.

Dutch version
English version

Email, OOH & print, pricepatch, banners (for 3rd party platforms).

Download the templates (zip - 312.2MB).

Motion guidelines

If you're going to create motion assets, you can download guidelines (zip - 424.2MB) and examples (zip - 182.3MB) to get you started.


If you need the sourcefiles, please contact us.