Form Fields


Text Field
The text field is a generic field in your form.
SIM Field
An SIM field is used to collect valid SIM number.
Radio Button
Radio buttons are input elements that allow users to select a single option from a set of mutually exclusive choices.
Phone Field
A phone field is used to collect valid phone numbers.
Email Field
An email field is used to collect valid email addresses. The email address will require a ‘@’ and ‘.’ from the user before the form can be submitted.
Dropdown Field
Dropdown is a closed-ended field type where visitors can select only one answer from a menu of choices.
Date Field
The date field lets people enter a date in the proper date format, or choose a date via a date picker calendar.
Allow a user to select one or more options from a finite number of choices.
Attachment Field
An attachment field is a type of field that allows the visitors to attach their own files to your form.
Address Field
The address field let you collect all the parts of an address in a single field. They also validate that the user has used a correct address format.