Student internet offer

Student internet offer

Super-fast, unlimited internet in student room

Choose your student internet
Easy Internet

Attend your online classes and binge watch your favourite series.

  • 150GB volume
  • Up to 100 Mbps* download speed
  • Max. upload speed 10 Mbps*
  • Secure internet with Safesurf

Have your identity card and student email address ready.

Most chosen

Most chosen


Endless gaming, streaming films and attending your online classes. Even if you have a roommate who is doing the same!


  • Unlimited volume
  • Up to 300 Mbps* download speed
  • Max. upload speed 20 Mbps*
  • Secure internet with Safesurf

Have your identity card and student email address ready.

Change subscriptions for free whenever you like

Free installation and activation

Frequently Asked Questions

Telenet is available in all Flemish municipalities. You can also become a Telenet customer in quite a few municipalities of Brussels. These are the municipalities of Brussels that can be connected:  


  • 1000 – Brussel
  • 1020 – Brussel (Laken)
  • 1030 – Schaarbeek
  • 1040 – Etterbeek
  • 1070 – Anderlecht
  • 1080 – Sint-Jans-Molenbeek
  • 1081 – Koekelberg
  • 1082 – Sint-Agatha-Berchem
  • 1083 – Ganshoren 
  • 1090 – Jette
  • 1130 – Brussel (Haren)
  • 1170 – Watermaal-Bosvoorde
  • 1190 – Vorst
  • 1200 – Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe
  • 1210 – Sint-Joost-ten-Node

If you choose for a new subscription in 2022 it is valid until 15/10/2023 provided that you are enrolled at a university or college and provided that you use an e-mail address from one of those educational institutions to subcripe to your subscription.


The student rate (Easy Internet for € 20/month and All-Internet for € 25/month) remains applicable as long as you are registered as a student. The student rate is no longer applicable if you combine the internet subscription with TV or a fixed telephone line.


We will send you a reminder to renew your subscription for the next academic year. Have you graduated? Check out our other promos.

If you go on Erasmus / international exchange, you can stop your internet subscription at any time. More info about the cancellation of your subscription. When you return from Erasmus, you can easily subscribe to student internet again.

During the summer holidays your internet subscription continues, so you don't have to worry about your internet if you have re-takes.

If you live with other students, you should still have a strong and stable good range. However, if you suffer from a reduced range due to interference from the various modems, then check out these tips.

You can easily renew your student room internet offer online or in your favourite Telenet shop. Attention, this is only possible if you are enrolled at a university or college and if you use the personal e-mail address of the educational institute to which you are connected.

Yes, as a dormitory owner you get a monthly discount of € 12 on a Business Fibernet subscription for all your student dorms. Interested? Call us on 0800 66 066 or have us call you back.

Conditions and disclaimers
  • The personal data you share will be registered in the files of Telenet BV Liersesteenweg 4, 2800 Mechelen, BTW BE0473.416.418, responsible for its processing.

    Your personal data will be treated as explained in the Telenet Privacy Policy.

    Telenet will process your personal data only to contact you in relation to Kotaanbod.

    You have the right to ask Telenet to have access to, correct, erase or transfer personal data held about you. You can read more about it in our Privacy Policy.
  • Student offer: Offer valid until 15/10/2024. Student tariff only valid for new and existing Telenet customers who are enrolled in a university (college) and on condition that an email address belonging to such an educational institution is used. The student tariff (Easy Internet at €20/month and All-Internet at €25/month) applies as long as the customer is enrolled as a student (student will be contacted yearly at the abovementioned email address for verification) and expires when the internet subscription is combined with TV or a fixed telephone line. If you no longer meet the promo criteria you will be charged the standard rate that applies to your product. Offer cannot be combined with other promotions for internet products by Telenet. All offers and listed prices are VAT incl. and valid subject to material (printing) errors, mistakes and/or modifications. The customer also receives free Comfort installation (worth € 85), and free activation (worth € 50).
  • Offers and prices shown include VAT and are valid but may be subject to typographical or other substantive errors, oversights and/or changes.
    Telenet BV, Liersesteenweg 4, 2800 Mechelen, VAT BE0473.416.418, RPR Antwerp, division Mechelen
  • *Fixed internet speeds: the stated internet speeds are theoretical maximum speeds for a PC or laptop connected to the modem via a network cable. The actual internet speed may be influenced by traffic on the internet and other technical factors (such as Wi-Fi, internal cabling, processor etc.). However, the distance between the connection and the node does not affect the actual internet speed that you can achieve. More info
  • Security: Safesurf is included with each internet subscription, after activation
  • Unlimited volume at home: The fixed internet volume is unlimited. In the event of intensive use during peak hours, the internet speed may be limited temporarily. Telenet network management is applicable; more info


  • Free installation: If a customer qualifies for Self-starter installation, the customer will be able to install their fixed Telenet services themselves, at no additional cost. If Self-starter installation cannot be booked at the registration address, the customer is eligible for Comfort installation (an €85 value) at no additional cost. A technician will then come and install the Telenet services at the customer’s home address.
  • Hardware (optional)

    The installer or Telenet shop employee checks everything with you to determine whether you require any additional hardware. Consult the prices here.