Tone of voice

Learn how to apply Telenet's voice and choose the right tone, no matter what product, or app you're building.

Tone of voice

Telenet’s voice is a reflection of who we are. We should always sound like Telenet.

At the same time, some aspects of our personality might be more or less apparent, depending on the audience and their context. That’s tone.

Simple rules for online writing

Make it easy to read

Make content clear and easy to scan by formatting text with bold headings, lists, tables, and space between paragraphs.

When referring to elements that users need to select, such as buttons or links, you can bold their names when referring to them.


Give key information

Keep explanations as short as possible, without giving details that aren’t relevant to typical usage.


Use simple language

Avoid using technical terms in help content where possible.


Show images

When providing step-by-step instructions, show relevant images or icons to explain what the user needs to do.

Extra resources

The problem with “click here” and “learn more” links



Write Inclusive, accessible



UX Writing


UX writer main goal is to help the user have the best possible experience with the content they are reading or listening to. User experience writers simply make your product or service more user-friendly.

- Copywriter, focus on selling products via persuasive/clever language = BUY
- UX Writer, focus on guiding the user and instruct how to use the app or website = USE