Privacy breach?

Good to know: this form is only for privacy-related complaints. 

  • If you want to report phishing, sextortion, spoofing, hacking, smishing or any other form of internet or SMS misuse, please use this form.
  • If you have a general complaint about our products or services, please use this contact form (Dutch) or this contact form (French). 

We use the term ‘privacy breach’ to describe a situation in which personal data is accidentally or unintentionally deleted, lost, changed or shared. If you suspect something of this nature has happened to your data, you can report it here wether you are a Telenet customer or not. Privacy breaches related to Telenet Business, BASE and Tadaam can also be reported using this form. 

You can find your customer number on your bill or in your customer zone (My Telenet or BASE customer zone)

Please provide as many details about the incident as possible so that we have enough information for the investigation. For example, what happened exactly, what data was involved, who had unlawful access to the data and since when, how and when the data breach was discovered etc.