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Telenet specialises in the supply of broadband internet, fixed and mobile telephony services and cable television to customers throughout Flanders and Brussels over a powerful HFC (hybrid fibre-coax) network. Telenet also supplies professional communication services to businesses in Belgium and Luxembourg. 

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Business customers

Telenet Business product and services


Super fast and reliable internet connections

One can no longer imagine the business world without them: Internet applications. That is why Telenet has developed high-speed and operationally secure Internet solutions especially for businesses. Connect via fiber-optics, coax or DSL.



Secured VPN solutions for multiple branches

Want the best possible data traffic between your branches in Belgium and Luxemburg? Is there constant communication with employees working from home? Discover our advantageous, fast and secure VPN solutions tailored to your company.



Wireline telephony for inexpensive calls

Looking for a solution for your wireline business telephony? Depending on the number of lines and numbers that you need, your type of telephone exchange and the available access technology, we can offer you a solution customized for your company.



Mobile subscriptions exclusively for business owners

We have mobile plans for business owners with which you can call, text and surf completely in line with your business needs, even if you often take business trips.


TV for business

Future-oriented digital television solutions tailored to businesses

Digital TV for business is a portfolio of future-oriented television solutions for hotels, sports centers, healthcare centers, hospitals, camping sites and other organizations. The formulas are sound, reliable and go hand in hand with top-quality business support.


Hosting & Cloud

Reliable, flexible, secure hosting and cloud solutions

You can come to us for domain name registrations, email & collaboration solutions and webhosting. Or you can entrust your entire IT infrastructure to us, avoiding the headaches and leaving the investment to us. We will find a solution tailored to your company that offers maximum flexibility and cost efficiency.



Fully integrated IT security for companies and governments

Leave nothing to chance by choosing fully integrated security from Telenet, thus ensuring that your IT environment and data are optimally protected against external attacks. You opt for a ready-made security solution or we work with you to develop a custom solution.


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Security Consultancy

We have specialised services for thoroughly analysing every architecture. We examine your current situation, study the existing technology and detect vulnerabilities. 


Security Implementation

Together we work out a security architecture with the most suitable components and implement the architecture in your company. We also provide advice for its use and for raising awareness amongst your employees.


Security Support

Our certified security specialists support you in case of day-to-day problems. They assume responsibility for efficient licence management and resolve acute security problems immediately.


Managed Security

We fully manage your security solution. You outsource the risk management, monitoring and optimisation of your security to us. There are various SLA levels.


Additional products and services

We can also provide you with different anti-DDoS solutions, ready-to-use security solutions and training courses on security technologies.



Connectivity tailored to each carrier

Telenet is the perfect partner for national and international operators and service providers who want to offer their customers local access to networks, internet and voice services. Our vast, finely-meshed fibre network in Belgium and Luxembourg delivers the connectivity, reliability and quality you are looking for.


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Secure connections for your local branches and customers

Various options to simplify both access for your customers and expansion of your private networks. Versatile Ethernet connections, like E-Line, to high-bandwidth digital leased lines.



High-speed local internet access for your customers

Internet access for your customers in Belgium and Luxembourg. Extremely fast, secure and reliable. Available via fibre or copper (DSL).



The ideal solution for providing local voice service

The best service for collecting and delivering voice traffic through direct or indirect access. Choice of geographic numbers and four types of service numbers (0800, 078, 070 and 090x). 


General Terms and Conditions Telenet Business


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