Technical restrictions

The content of our pricing is coming from backend. That is the reason why our pricing always has the same structure and contents.


The contents of our pricing can consist of

  • From label (optional)
  • From price / strikethrough price (optional)
  • Price (mandatory)
  • Frequency (optional)
  • Duration (optional)


You can read more technical information about the pricing component in our AEM component section.

Never embed the pricing in images when delivering assets for the website.

Pricing as a visual

Only us this in hero images or hero banners on the desktop version. It is not responsive, so on mobile devices it will be too big.



This is the default variant.


For the “customer price” we always use a yellow price tag. 



The white variant can be used on all secondary background colors as an alternative for the yellow pricing.

Pricing as text

This version is completely responsive and can be used anywhere in a page on all breakpoints.


Try to place this as close to the CTA as possible, preferable right above it.

Language dependencies

Depending on the language of our digital experiences, the pricing will have another format.


The variation is specifically on the placement of the Euro sign and the visualisation of the decimals.

  • NL: Euro sign up front and comma as decimal indicator
  • FR: Euro sign in the back and comma as decimal indicator
  • EN: Euro sign up front and point as decimal indicator

If decimals are '00', we drop them from the pricing.