Our photography

Positively realistic

In our photography, we always look for a positive and realistic view of the world.


Go for editorial photography with a documentary eye
for authentic moments and situations that are recognizable to everyone. 


Colour contributes to the overall positive feeling. Provide a location, style and props with a wide and balanced colour palette. Choose one colour
to stand out and select other colours to match it.


Be careful not to lose authenticity. Each of these elements contribute to a cinematic documentary style. Realistic, but slightly sublimated.

Telenet Business

We document the everyday reality of companies. From big to small. Always and everywhere. From the bicycle repairman to the IT manager. They’re always busy!


We also record interactions with our people. We’re closer to our customers than ever and we answer all their questions to the best of our ability. Always with a smile, and that translates in our photography. After all, providing a friendly service is part of our DNA.


We’re looking for real people with a real story where connectivity plays a supporting role in one way or another.


A healthy mix of age, skin colour and gender. We show interesting, positive, open- minded personalities that reflect the entire spectrum of emotions in a credible way. (Relief, surprise, joy, focus ...)


They don’t have to be especially beautiful or cute in the classic sense. But people with a certain aura. The kind you would spontaneously chat with if you ran into them on the street.

General rules


Always use meaningful images.

They should add value to the content. An image is a first point of recognition what the content is about. Especially in hero banners or hero images since they are the first element on a page.


Try to avoid putting text over images.

Ensure that the main part of the image is visible and understandable when text is placed.


Don’t overuse images on a page.

Like we said before: they should always add value to the content. If an image is not relevant, it's better to leave it out of the content.


Don't embed text in images!

You will encounter responsiveness and accessibility issues when you embed text in images.

Image placement

Try to be dynamic when placing images in your design. Use images to guide the user through content and to visually cluster information.