Exclusively at Telenet

Exclusively at Telenet

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The one place to find the offer of the most popular entertainment apps

Simple streaming across the streaming services

Get a clear overview of all the streaming titles on Telenet TV
from Streamz, Disney+, Play Sports, Play More, Apple TV+ and Prime Video.

Get inspired with the most popular titles of the moment, across all the streaming services

  Keep one watch list across all entertainment apps

Manage the subscriptions
for your streaming services easily via My Telenet

Discover the world of streaming at Telenet

Get inspired via the discover page

  • The most popular series & films of the moment
  • Series and films grouped by theme
  • New recommendations across streaming services every week
  • An overview page for each streaming service 

Find your way among your subscriptions

  • An overview of all films and series from various services in one place
  • Titles from Disney+ or Prime Video are played via the service's own app; return to the overview easily via the home icon

A zone for every streaming service

Prefer to see the offerings for each streaming service separately? There is also a separate page for each service where a selection of their offerings is presented.

Order the top blockbusters

Under RENTAL MOVIES  you have access to a wide range of recent blockbusters, straight from the cinema! Order them via your TV box or telenet.tv, and watch them for up to 48 hours after purchase.

All kids' content in one place

  • Search for kids' content across the various streaming services
  • Discover the best kids' content from your favourite streaming service
  • Hours of viewing pleasure for the kids

Watch* films and series from

Prime video
Play Sports
Play More

*If you have a subscription to the service

Watch* films and series from

Netflix logo
Prime video
Play More
Play Sports

*If you have a subscription to the service

Go straight to Streaming

Turn on your TV box and navigate to STREAMING. Under streaming, choose the streaming service you want, or use the discover page to find inspiration across streaming services. 

Are you familiar with our Channels Zone yet?

This is the place to find inspiration across channels.

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With Telenet TV iconic, you enjoy carefree TV viewing with your Telenet TV box across channels and streaming services.

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