Telenet Pay

Pay for your digital purchases quickly and securely with your mobile number. You simply pay afterwards via the monthly Telenet bill.

Everything on one bill

Your digital purchases simply appear on your Telenet bill.

Without credit card

All you need is your Telenet mobile monthly plan.

Simple, quick and secure

Pay securely in a few simple steps via your smartphone. Quick and easy!

How do I set Telenet Pay as payment method?

You activate Telenet Pay in your handset settings, so there is nothing to download. See the steps for each device below. It doesn't take more than a minute.

Scan the QR code and set Telenet Pay for the App Store

Scan the QR code and set Telenet Pay for the Google Play Store

App store
Google Play Store

Which other services can you link to Telenet Pay?

App store
Google Play Store

Available soon

League of Legends

Available soon


Available soon


Available soon


Available soon


Available soon

Telenet Pay is also in My Telenet

Make it even easier on yourself and manage Telenet Pay directly from your My Telenet customer zone.

  • Clear overview of all expenses on your bill and in My Telenet
  • Easily set limits for all your family members with a Telenet SIM card

Have a question? You can find the answer here.

With Telenet Pay, you simply can pay for your digital purchases with your mobile number. From apps and e-tickets, to your streaming subscription. Payment is fast and secure, no credit card required. Because everything simply appears on your next Telenet bill.

All customers with a Telenet mobile number can use Telenet Pay.

The range of digital products on offer is huge: from entertainment (e.g. films, music, games) to apps (e.g. sports, photo editing) and practical purchases (e.g. parking, tickets). See the complete list of our partners here.

You can do this through the app store or the online seller's website. More information for each service is available in the overview above.

Your purchases will appear on your next Telenet bill automatically. You can also find an overview of all your purchases under ‘mobile numbers’ in My Telenet.

Log into My Telenet, go to your mobile numbers and set your monthly limit. You can set a limit for each mobile number.

The maximum for each purchase is €50, for a total of up to €300 per month.

You can do this through the website of the service itself or through the app store where you made your purchase. You can block all you services at once via My Telenet, but it doesn't let you block individual services or products.


App Store (iOS) 

  • Open your settings
  • Tap your name with Apple ID 
  • Now tap ‘Payment and shipping’ 
  • Tap ‘Edit’ and then ‘mobile phone’ 
  • Then tap ‘Delete’


Google Play Store (Android)

  • Open the Google Play Store app 
  • Tap the menu at the top left 
  • Select ‘Payment methods’ and then ‘More payment settings’ 
  • Log in if you are asked to
  • Tap below the payment method you want to delete, and then tap ‘Delete’ again


For other partners: go to settings and change your payment settings .

Yes, you can also use Telenet Pay, and. All of your purchases will appear on your Telenet Business invoice.

At Telenet we work with reliable partners, so we can guarantee smooth and secure payment. This way, you no longer have to share your payment details online. All your purchases appear clearly on your bill.