Emergency services

In need of emergency services? You can reach them via landline phone, mobile phone and 'silent' calls on the following numbers.

Emergency services arriving on site

Are you in need of an ambulance (medical emergency), the fire brigade or police assistance? Call the European emergency number 112. It is free of charge. You can also use the 112 BE app.


The original free emergency numbers are also still in use. The European emergency number 112 will eventually replace these numbers. 


Ambulance (medical emergency)

100 / 112

Fire brigade

100 / 112

Urgent police assistance

101 / 112

Important! Deaf and hearing-impaired individuals, as well as people with speech impairments, can contact the emergency centers via SMS or email. Do it by sending 'contact' per text to 8842 or by e-mail to sms@ibz.fgov.be. You will then receive two phone numbers to send an emergency SMS to. One number for medical assistance and the fire brigade and one number for police assistance.

Emergency services offering remote assistance

All these emergency numbers are free of charge.

Contact options

Treatment Centre for Poisoning Cases

070 245 245

Only by phone

Suicide prevention helpline


Also online and via e-mail

Tele-onthaal (someone to talk to in Dutch)


Also online

Helpline for Children and Youth (Awel)


Also online and via e-mail

Child Focus

116 000

Also via e-mail