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Ethical hacking is legal in Belgium since this year. Which condition must NOT be met?
      The vulnerability must be reported to the CCB within 48 hours
      Details of the vulnerability should not be published without permission
   There must be prior approval before the system is tested 
       The hacked system must be located in Belgium


To which companies/organisations does the upcoming NIS2 legislation apply?

   On organisations seen as providing essential services 
      On all European organisations with more than 50 employees
      On companies with more than 1,000 employees with at least one office in Europe
      This is not yet known

What is the name of the biggest hacker conference in the world?





What does the acronym CIA mean in the context of cyber security?

      Cyber Impact Assessment

      Confidential – Immutable - Anonymous

   Confidentiality - Integrity – Availability

      Computer Information 


Which of these 4 techniques is not a DOS attack?

      Ping flood

      SYN flood

      Smurf attack

   Port scan


What is the name of the device that hackers use to try to intercept wireless internet connections?

      WiFi pEAR

   WiFi pineapple


      Raspberry WiFi



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