Form Container component


This is the primary component which needs to be added on the page as a first step. All other form components are dragged inside the Form component.

The component will show a container where you can add all the fields needed to set up your form.

In the settings you can define:

  • which type of user can fill the form
  • set a call to action for the call to action button.
  • what needs to happen when the user submits the form. 
  • You can set a link to a 'thank you' page 

Example without embedded form fields

Example with all form fields

Address field
{{addressCtrl.selectedAddress.country}} {{addressCtrl.selectedAddress.postalCode}} {{addressCtrl.selectedAddress.municipality}} {{addressCtrl.selectedAddress.street}} {{addressCtrl.selectedAddress.houseNumber}} {{addressCtrl.selectedAddress.subHouseNumber}} {{addressCtrl.selectedAddress.busNumber}}
{{item.country}} {{item.postalCode}} {{item.municipality}} {{item.street}} {{item.houseNumber}} {{item.subHouseNumber}} {{item.busNumber}}