Poster model

€ 10 TakeAway.com giftcard

Promote our super-fast, unlimited student internet with your own advertising poster.


How do I participate? 

1. Click on I want this job below! Leave your e-mail address and receive an e-mail with further instructions.
2. Create an advertising poster with our Poster tool.
3. Print it and put in a visible spot (e.g. on the window of your student room or in the student restaurant). Leave it there until 8 October.
4. When you put it up, send a photo of your poster to kotjobs@telenet.be
5. We will check whether your submission meets the conditions. If so, you will receive your TakeAway.com giftcard by email.


Important: By participating, you agree that we may use your submitted material on our social media channels and website.


Read the complete conditions for participation and portrait rights statement here.