Go loco

€100 TakeAway.com giftcard

Get a chance every week to win a €100 TakeAway.com giftcard by promoting our superfast, unlimited kotinternet in your own creative way. For example, put up student offer posters on all the windows of your student building or make a Telenet student internet song and sing it in a karaoke bar full of students. Every week we will choose a new winner based on creativity. 


How do I participate? 

1. Click on I want this job below! Leave your e-mail address and receive an e-mail with further instructions.
2. Get carte blanche to create something beautiful and creative.... 
3. ...and win a €100 TakeAway.com gift card if your entry stands out. 
4. Send proof your creation to kotjobs@telenet.be
5. Don't forget to mention that you are advertising for Telenet. If you make a video or photo and share it on your social media channels, add #advertisement and tag @Telenet before you post it. 
6. We will check whether your submission meets the conditions. If so, you will receive your TakeAway.com giftcard by email.


Important: By participating, you agree that we may use your submitted material on our social media channels and website.


Read the complete conditions for participation and portrait rights statement here.