Internet for everyone thanks to Telenet Essential Internet

Affordable internet for eligible people

Which internet do you need?

Telenet Essential Internet FIVE
For basic use

You pay € 5, no extra costs

You don´t need a connection at home

You can read and respond to e-mails, check social media or chat, pay online, log in to your school platform, ... on 2 devices at the same time

Telenet Essential Internet TEN
For more extensive use

You pay € 10, no extra costs

Your internet is connected at home free of charge

You can make video calls, watch and stream film clips, surf, e-mail, check social media, ... also on several devices or with several persons at the same time

How do you apply for Telenet Essential Internet?

Request an Essential Internet voucher

You can do this at your OCMW or through your social organisation. Discover here which social organizations are partner.


Already have a code? Then you can go to steps 2 and 3.

Choose the solution that suits you

On this page you will find an overview of the two options: FIVE and TEN.

Order your chosen solution

Click on the order button and then enter the unique code that is on your voucher. Enter the further requested data. Telenet takes care of the follow-up.

Opting for FIVE?

Then within 3 working days you will receive by post your wi-fi device for connecting to the internet. You can easily connect it yourself to your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Opting for TEN?

Then our Telenet technician will come to install your internet. Free of charge. At the agreed time.

Our mission? Everyone on board

At Telenet, we believe in the right to be connected. Those who need it can apply for Telenet Essential Internet - affordable and reliable internet - at a minimum rate. In this way Telenet, in collaboration with accredited social organisations, gives each family or each person access to learning, working and digital social contact. 


Together we want to prevent digital exclusion, and so we are working every day to connect people. With each other and with society. #everyoneonboard

As an accredited social organisation, would you like to collaborate with us?

Give your members and clients a digital push so that everyone is on board. How? Register your organisation. Then you can order and provide vouchers to the people in need of Telenet Essential Internet. 



Max download speed

Max upload speed

Download volume


Up to 5 Mbps*

For e-mails, chats and school platforms 

Up to 2 Mbps*

Up to 50 GB

After that you can continue surfing at a reduced speed at no additional cost

No installation required

Up to 30 Mbps*

Stream, videacall or surf all at once

Up to 4 Mbps*

Up to 150 GB

After that you can continue surfing at a reduced speed at no additional cost

Your internet will be installed and activated at home for free

Important information
  • Telenet Essential Internet (TEN): 
    Offer valid only if the customer has obtained a Telenet Essential Internet voucher from a recognized social organization that Telenet works with and with which the customer is affiliated.

    Promo 24-month discount on TEN (the ComfortNet product). After the customer has purchased and activated TEN they receive a €31.56 discount on the subscription price of ComfortNet for 24 months. In the event of any price changes for ComfortNet, the promotional price of €10 will be retained. After 24 months, the customer must request a new Telenet Essential Internet voucher from the social organization in order to continue to benefit from the promotional price. The customer also receives a Comfort installation free of charge (worth approx. €85) and free activation (a €50 value). By requesting the promotional offer, the customer declares that they fulfil the aforementioned conditions. Telenet reserves the right throughout the entire duration of the promotional period to request necessary supporting documents and reclaim the amount of any discount to which the customer was not entitled. 
  • Fixed internet speeds: the stated internet speeds are theoretical maximum speeds for a PC or laptop connected to the modem via a network cable. The actual internet speed may be influenced by traffic on the internet and other technical factors (such as Wi-Fi, internal cabling, processor etc.). However, the distance between the connection and the node does not affect the actual internet speed that you can achieve. More info