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Telenet might appear to be new in Brussels, but we've been around here for quite a while - 10 years in fact! From a small Flemish company in the 90s to the largest telecoms business in Belgium. We are now providing internet, telephony and TV in 13 districts of Brussels (*)


*Connected districts in Brussels (postcodes): 1000, 1020, 1030, 1040, 1070, 1080, 1081, 1082, 1083, 1090, 1130, 1170, 1190, 1200, 1210 


Our vision
We are boosting connectivity and daily life in Brussels. This is how we want to make our contribution to the Brussels strategy for 2025 around education, work, innovation and mobility. We are convinced that technology and connectivity are the motive forces for achieving these objectives.
Innovating and creating
Telenet aims to be the best in all the services it offers: from innovation to the quality of products and customer service. We are investing in this continuously. For example, we invested 15 million euros in a network update to guarantee the residents of Brussels an improved network connection. 
A step forwards
As well as investing in technology and innovation in Brussels, we also want to make an active contribution to other Brussels' challenges. Give every Brussels resident the opportunity that he or she deserves in the digital world. We want to give the city a real boost!  

What does Telenet have to offer? 

Telenet, that’s internet, TV and telephony. Let's get together to find a tailor-made solution for you based on our fast, efficient and reliable service.   

Internet and TV 

Thanks to Telenet's WiFi boosters you can get WiFi wherever you want it: simple, fast and everywhere.

Watch TV on all your screens. 


Unlimited browsing via the smartest WiFi system

Unlimited calls with all your devices 

Telenet TV on all your screens 

Huge amount of mobile data to share with your family  


Unlimited internet via the smartest  WiFi system

Huge amount of mobile data and call minutes

Entertainment on all your screens

Telenet TV

You get the very best entertainment and TV experience all in one with Telenet TV! Thanks to the biggest selection of films, series, theme channels and the most useful features you can enjoy a great experience. However, wherever and whenever you want. 

With Telenet your favourite Netflix series are all there for you  

Take your remote and enter channel 600. Log in and there you are in your favourite series. Don't have a Netflix account yet? Then you can order Netflix there starting at just € 7.99 per month. 

YUGO Connect

The best of Telenet in combination with world-class entertainment. And you can watch it in your own way. With YUGO you are always connected wherever you are thanks to unlimited internet, at home and on the go.