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Launch your career, become a Young Grad at Telenet and take the job journey of a lifetime. As you start working at your department, you’ll be offered a rewarding trajectory, and you’ll help to build a better digital future for all of us. In doing so, you’ll learn what your favourite job is and where your strengths lie. You’ll get a taster of a ton of innovations, countless courses and wonderful challenges. From engineering, via IT to marketing, sales or finance, you are welcome. Are you ready to grow, together with Telenet?

You’ll find everything you look for at Telenet

  • A real job, with plenty of responsibility and challenging projects.
  • A two-year development program.
  • You’ll work in an innovative, healthy and ambitious organization, ready for the future.
  • You take your career into your own hands and get the chance to develop leadership skills.
  • Attractive salary package.


We have just finished our Young Grad recruiting cycle for 2017. As we speak, our brand-new Young Grads are starting at Telenet, eager to take off their exciting career-journey ;-)


Have you recently graduated and are you still now looking for a starter job ? Then click here for an overview of all Telenet jobs, set the filter (at left side of the screen) on "job-level = starter" and apply now !


Looking forward, we are more than ever convinced to continue our investments in young talent at Telenet. More details on our 2018 Young Grad program will come soon. Want to see how exciting your career journey could be with us? Then check out this video with our CEO John Porter. Like what you see and ready to grow? Keep your eye on this career page ... and stay tuned for more news soon !!


In the mean time, good luck to all graduates starting their first job and to all students starting off their academic year. Let's stay connected !