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Become a
telenet young grad!

Is your graduation party scheduled for 2019? Join us for the next steps!
On this page, you’ll discover what it means to be a Telenet Young Grad and find out how to become one.

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The Telenet Young Grad program launches careers. It’s the combination of a permanent job with a rewarding two-year training program that aims at developing the skills of Young Grads. 

You’ll take a ton of interesting courses, find out what your cups of tea are, learn where your strengths lie, tackle exciting challenges and discover what the Telenet Good Flow is all about. Yes, we’re talking about a real job in a highly innovative company. 


Do you graduate in 2019?

Jump right in!




Apply the way You want

We can’t wait to get to know our future Young Grads. So tell us
something about your personality, your ambition and your drive.
How? That’s entirely up to you: record an entertaining video or send us
an inspiring application letter. Talking or writing, what’s it going to be?

choose the way you want to apply

We're coming
to your campus!

Telenet is getting ready for a Campus Tour across the major
Universities and Highschool in Flanders and Brussels.
We want to bring the Telenet vibe to your campus, inform you and
your fellow students about the Young Grad Program and give
everyone a chance to apply straight away.

Stay tuned, more information is coming soon!

Young Grad




Open your agenda, take a red pen and write down ‘Telenet Young Grad Event’ on the 22nd of March 2019. At least, if you want to become a Telenet Young Grad and really launch your career.


None other than Telenet CEO John Porter will welcome you at the event. Furthermore, there will be kick-ass workshops and several keynotes in which you’ll get plenty of tips and tricks from influential professionals. Did we already mention we have a surprise act and that the afterparty is on the house?


Want a ticket? Apply now by writing an awesome application letter.





Your schedule


Vacancies are open


Apply via video or via application letter


22.03.19: Young Grad Event

(Register till 15.03)


Job interviews and signing of contracts

Chill out boys and girls!


3.. 2... 1... go!

All set to launch your career!

apply for your
favourite department(s)

Choose your area of expertise and become one of the young, eager and extraordinary people behind the unique Telenet experience.

  • Find out what your cups of tea are.
  • Learn and develop skills.
  • Tackle exciting challenges.
  • Get a real job.

Our Young Grads

Afbeelding Siraj


“Fantastic opportunities under great leadership”

Afbeelding Luna


“Teambuilding with my colleagues. Awesome!”

Afbeelding Kenneth


“No boring job applications at Telenet”

Afbeelding Joris


“I’m helping to build the world of tomorrow”


Do you graduate in 2019? Just jump right in!