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Your Profile

  • Are you graduating in 2018?
  • Do you eat IT for breakfast?
  • You like to explore new IT horizons?
  • Are you courageous as a roning when it comes to achieving your goal?
  • Is your approach unexpected, but incredibly efficient?
  • Do you stay zen even as stress levels rise?
  • Do you think faster than your shadow?

Then you are 1 of the magnificent future IT ninjas of Telenet. Cowabunga!


So, what kind of IT ninja do
we expect you to be then?

Well, that's largely up to you, as long as you like variation and excitement.


You could start today as a digital ninja, and slip into the slick skin of a data ninja tomorrow. Or you could morph from an infrastructure ninja into atransformation ninja.


That's the ind of flexibility Telenet is looking for in you. The thrill of the skill.



your responsibilities


Immerse yourself in - wait for it - robotic
process automation, cognitive service
and self-healing networks



Explore how you can make Telenet's
projects and processes more efficient
for customers and colleagues alike



Improve the user experience using
new or existing apps and features



Explore how you can use those data to
further enhance and personalize the

customer experience


Wanted IT-Ninja's


Why Telenet?

  • A two-year development program.
  • A real job, with plenty of responsibility and challenging projects.
  • You’ll work in an innovative, healthy and ambitious organization, ready for the future.
  • You take your career into your own hands and get the chance to develop leadership skills.
  • Attractive salary package.

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