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Launch your career, become a Young Grad at Telenet and take the job journey of a lifetime. As you start working at your department, you’ll be offered a rewarding trajectory, and you’ll help to build a better digital future for all of us. In doing so, you’ll learn what your favourite job is and where your strengths lie. You’ll get a taste of a ton of innovations, countless courses and wonderful challenges. From engineering, via IT to marketing, sales or finance, you are welcome. Are you ready to grow, together with Telenet?  

Register now and launch your career in September 2018.


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A day in the life

As a Young Grad at Telenet, you’ll have plenty to experience. And who could be better placed to tell you about this than our Young Grads?



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Choose your cup of tea and unique trajectory here.


Come & meet us

Feel like getting to know us? Or would you like to find out what challenges Telenet has in store for you? Come and meet us at one of our events.


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The selection process

Spots for our Young Grads program are very limited and highly sought after. How do we select you?  

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The learning journey

We’ll immerse you in tons of innovations, courses and fantastic challenges.