Telenet Play Sports teams up with Fan Arena

Fantasy football fans, rejoice! Telenet Play Sports teams up with Fan Arena

Fantasy football players love football. Football fans love Play Sports. So it was only natural for Telenet to put two and two together and make Fan Arena available to Play Sports subscribers for free! That’s right, everyone with a subscription to Telenet’s popular sports package can now set up their own fantasy football team and participate in leagues free of charge.

Fan Arena, a Belgian startup

When Belgian startup company Fan Arena, a finalist of the Telenet Kickstart powered by Idealabs programme in 2015-2016, was looking for a partner to introduce their project to a broad audience, Telenet Play Sports did not hesitate to step up to the plate. By teaming up with a big player like Play Sports, Fan Arena hopes to take fantasy sports games to a whole new level. Fan Arena has also recently joined the Start it@kbc community to further develop and grow its fantasy sports platform.

Not just your average fantasy football game

“We are a big fan of Fan Arena because it’s not just your average fantasy football game”, explains Manu Leroy, Business Manager at Telenet Play Sports. “I myself am deeply convinced that our Play Sports subscribers are really going to love this.”

Live drafting of real players

Contrary to other fantasy football games, Fan Arena focuses on live drafts in which everyone in the league takes turns picking an actual Belgian football player.

Fantasy football with real time scoring

With Fan Arena, each fantasy football team scores according to the actual performance of individual players on the field. In other words, real matches decide whether your team wins or loses. Yes. Watching your favorite football players compete just got even more exciting!

Questions? Shoot!

Find out more about Fan Arena and its creators at Interesting in playing Fan Arena for free? Play Sports is the place to be.