Telenet Business convinced of's merits

Telenet Business convinced of’s merits

A platform that puts data intelligence into perspective, allowing businesses to take charge of their own data, by analysing, blending and visualising it in just a matter of seconds. That’s what is all about. With its promising business solutions, the start-up made it to the final round of Telenet Kickstart, powered by Idealabs growth lab 2015-2016 and is now developing its business with customers like Telenet Business.’s growth spurt

In October, celebrated its one-year anniversary. Within that short time span, they created no less than 340 versions of their product. “We’re continuously working on improving and integrating new features”, CTO Haroen Vermylen explains. “The more data sources we have, the more possible insights we create.” Their hard work is paying off and has resulted into an impressive client base. “We managed to sign our first deals with clients such as the Federal Public Service Economy, Topsportslab, IMEC and of course Telenet Business. We’re very excited to have a staggering hundred more deals in the pipeline.” More customers usually lead to more team members. That’s why in 2016, co-founders Karel Callens and Haroen Vermylen took Thomas De Clerck on as CCO, Finance & Sales and Bruno Verbruggen as Head of Customer Success, Pre-sales. Their goal? Taking to the next level.

Telenet Business x is on the rise, that much is certain. And this didn’t go unnoticed by Telenet Business either. “We obviously want to support the Telenet Kickstart-alumni”, as Lieven Foubert, Telenet Business’ CRM & marketing intelligence expert explains, “but’s platform is also incredibly useful for visualising our numbers and figures.”


Telenet Business plans on implementing the platform to identify potential customer segments and their main growth areas. They will use the platform autonomously, but as is continuously adding new integrations, they’ll stay in close contact to inspire each other and explore new possibilities together.

Important milestone?

A one-year anniversary is the perfect occasion to look back on the start-up’s achievements. “Perhaps it sounds a bit clichéd, but the entire journey has been incredibly inspiring”, Haroen says. “We are learning every day. If the assumptions we make, turn out to be wrong, we adjust them and go on. But if I had to mention one very important milestone for us, it’s our trip to the Big Apple with BBNY. If it’s up to us, conquering the US is our next step”, Haroen concludes confidently.


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