Why study when you ought to be gaming? Take a break with Kayzr!

Why study when you ought to be gaming? Take a break with Kayzr!

All work and no play makes students feel stressed ouèt. Do you, too, need some time away from those course notes every now and then? Then you’re in for a treat this exam period. Start it@kbc alumnus Kayzr teamed up with Knorr to create Blokranking, a free online gaming tournament for students in need of a break. A big fan of Kayzr ourselves, Telenet is keeping a close eye on the promising startup’s various esports projects. So, let’s see what this Blokranking thing is all about, shall we? Let’s play!

School remains cool

What’s that, you say? Encouraging students to join a gaming platform when they’re in the middle of exams? That’s right. Mind you, Kayzr paid careful attention to Blokranking’s format to make sure students won’t get addicted. To the game, that is. The Knorr Snackpots students can win by playing the game, well … They might be a different story.

The game is on! For 45 minutes

Every day from June 5 to July 1, students (or anyone else interested in participating) can play one of four Blokranking games starting every evening at 20:30. The mandatory check-in opens at 19:30, after which players are matched against their opponents. All players get to play one game only, which lasts between 15 and 45 minutes. Just the time students need to relax, without risk of losing focus. After that, it’s time to hit the books again! Unless the students want to drop by the Kayzr webshop to pick up their prizes first, of course.

Kayzr coins

By participating in the Blokranking tournament, gamers earn virtual Kayzr coins which they can use to purchase all kinds of products offered by Knorr, Jupiler, Kinepolis and Game Mania at the Kayzr web shop. Winners can even double their coins!

Join the Blokranking platform!

Blokranking ends on Saturday, July 1. Discover the rules and don’t hesitate to check in at 19:30 today.