Start-up puts the pedal to the metal!

Start-up puts the pedal to the metal!

As you probably know, Telenet Kickstart is home to quite a few interesting Belgian start-ups and it gives us great pleasure to introduce these starters to you week after week. Today we turn the spotlight on

Hi Bruno! First of all, can you give us an idea of what does?

Well, offers a platform that visualises data in a simple and transparent way so that even those with a non-technical background can use it: the platform doesn’t require even a single line of code. In addition, is available at a mere fraction of the cost of traditional business intelligence platforms.

How did you get started?

The company was founded by Karel and Haroen: two IT aces who were working as data consultants at the time. What struck them most in the sector was the fact that the generated data were rarely translated into genuine action. So after a while they decided to build a platform together that would change all that. had but one purpose: making it possible for users with a non-technical background to easily understand and use the generated data to boost the productivity of their company.

Where are you at now?

Well… Simply put: our revenue keeps growing and we currently have a portfolio of up to 50 customers. I think it’s fair to say we’re doing quite well: we’re cruising along comfortably… so all that remains now is to find the courage to floor it!

Where would you like to be five years from now?

It’s probably a cliché but our goal is obviously to develop into a major player. We would like our logo to be a waterproof label that stands for accurate and high-quality data analysis. Ideally we’ll be working internationally with an efficient and talented team.

Thanks Bruno!